Way Motor Works Stratmosphere Exhaust

Purchased the Way Motor Works Stratmosphere exhaust.


Stratmophere Exhaust

WAY MOTOR WORKS STRATMOPHERE EXHAUST. All I can say is wow when I opened the box I couldn’t believe how nice of a job they did on the welds. Truely a fine piece of work. This exhaust looks and sounds amazing.

Super clean exhaust



Nice welds


If you have an 02-06 R53 MINI Cooper S this is the catback exhaust you want. The stratmosphere is the most beautiful exhaust on the market in every way. The look, the sound, the fitment, the craftsmanship. You get dialed-in fitment with hand-finished components by the builder topped off by double-chrome stainless WMW tips. This system is extremely easy to fit very quickly and behaves with a sound that everyone will enjoy. Systems are fully stainless inside and out and have been tested and verified at our USA headquarters. This is a full catback exhaust system. It bolts directly to the flange behind the factory cat so no cutting or welding is required and your emissions is NOT effected. The stratmosphere catback is made entirely of stainless steel so it will most likely outlast the car. This MINI Cooper S catback exhaust will improve the exhaust flow while balancing the back pressure to give you maximum torque gains. But at the same time this exhaust will give you a nice tone, a little louder than stock, and no ricey honda sound. Also is has NO DRONE on the highway, a big plus as this is a common problem with most other exhausts. Way Motor Works uses this exhaust on his person car, and 2 other family members MINI’s, so that says alot.

Built to the same specs as the Milltek, just a cheaper price

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